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e arn pole dance in Minnesota. We offer pole dance classes, 
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January & February 2019! New pole dance classes at your location + exciting special events!

Special Event: Routines & Roulette: January 12 2019!

Routines & Roulette: High times, low stakes performance workshop "R & Rreturns to its roots! Join us for a high times, low stakes performance workshop where even the pros learn something new! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Register here.

Dancers: as early as 5:30pm, must arrive by 6:15pm
Doors: 6:30pm
Games: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Tickets: $20
Frestyl Members: $15
Book your spot in November to save a couple bucks :)

Bring your friends for this fun, friendly, feel-good showcase of freestyle games played by amateur through professional pole & aerial artists! Come to watch, cheer, win pole & aerial swag, and maybe even decide to dance a round or two on stage!

Meet R&R non-judge David C. Owen

Co-Founder & Instructor of Catalyst Movement Arts in Chicago, IL. Learn this & more at Catalyst Movement Arts!

David C Owen began pole dancing in 2009 and began to compete and showcase nationally within less than a year of his initial exposure to pole. He earned several competition medals in the early US competitive pole dancing circuit. Having had studio residencies in multiple cities and spent years touring to guest instruct at countless studios in the US and internationally, David has been instrumental industry-wide in improving the quality of flexibility training, creative combination construction, and explaining the applied physics of how specific pole skills work. He now enjoys teaching pole dancing ranging from introductory classes for persons with no exercise experience, to choreographing competitive routines for other dancers on national stages. He is pleased to be based in Chicago to share his experience at Catalyst Movement Arts, where he continues to grow as a technician and artist.
During his visit for R&R, David is teaching the 90-minute workshop BEND: Get more flexibility into the moves you already do! on Sunday, January 13 in Minneapolis, MN and Mankato, MN, and on Monday, January 14th in Rochester, MN. 

Meet R&R non-judge Rachele Ribera! Rachele is a pole dancer & lover of movement exploration. Learn more about Rachele at her website:

Noted by United Pole Artists for her "ethereally beautiful pirouettes, glides, twirls," and "unbeatable footwork", in the 2015 article, Fundamentals for Fluidity, Rachele has spent a large part of her time in pole refining and cultivating the art of dancing in heels.  

She views the heel as an extension of the leg, that can elongate lines, and aid in creating intricate tracing patterns and illusions.  Mentioned again by United Pole Artists in the 2015 article, The Anatomy of A Platform Heel, as one of their "favorite heeled dancers" with the "ability to make heel movement something ethereal", she showcases some of her technique here, in Moonshine.

During her upcoming visit for R&R, Rachele is teaching BOXWORK: How to walk, glide, dance, and trace in your high heels! Sunday, Jan 13 in Minneapolis and Mankato. Register here for BOXWORK!

R&R non-judge Chloe Kayne is Founder & Owner of Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio in Minneapolis, MN!

Known internationally for her Sexy Pole Flow, Chloe pairs smooth slithery sexiness with heel-banging excellence!

Chloe's 90-minute Sexy Pole 101 and Sexy Pole Flow workshops always sell out at Frestyl Fitness Mankato, MN and in Rochester, MN, too. Keep an eye on our schedule at Pole Dance Minnesota for upcoming opportunities to dance with this amazing lady!

Meet R&R non-judge Emily Elise! Emily is an instructor at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio in Minneapolis, MN!

Emily has a long list of successes, including this performance with fellow Dollhouse pole instructor Emma Blair. Emily brings a whole lot of sass to any project! Look out for her upcoming 90-minute Exotic Pole Dance and SASS workshops coming this spring to Frestyl Fitness in Mankato, MN (located at Studio For Hire Mankato) & Rochester, MN (location TBA)!

Meet R&R Non-judge Emma Blair! Emma is an instructor at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

Emma's "Pull Up A Chair" chair dance/pole dance fusion and her Exotic Pole Dance workshops are celebrated at Frestyl Fitness Mankato and Frestyl Fitness Rochester. 

Register for Emma's Pull Up A Chair workshop here

Browse Exotic Pole Dance w/ Emma and other great guest instructors (like Rachele Ribera!) here.

Special events: Workshops with Routines & Roulette Non-judges!

David C. Owen visits again! Find him in Minneapolis & Mankato Jan 13, and in Rochester Jan 14!

Rachele Ribera is back! Catch her in Minneapolis on January 13!

Emma Blair visits again! Find her at Frestyl Mankato on Feb 15 and Frestyl Rochester Feb 17!

Special event: Liquid Motion Founder Jeni Janover visits Frestyl Fitness Minneapolis January 17, 18 & 19!

Jeni Janover is the passionate founder and owner of Liquid Motion®!

Jeni created Liquid Motion® because she wanted to develop a methodology for people of all levels and backgrounds that teaches students the fundamentals of movement through basic dance theory and exploration of natural instincts. Jeni describes her style of dancing and teaching as a combination of life, love, sex and raw emotion. She believes that knowledge, exploration and education are the keys to bringing the aerial arts to the forefront of modern culture and is excited to be a part of the ever-growing pole dance community.

  • XPERT and ElevatED certified pole instructor
  • Extensive background in performing and visual arts: classical ballet to sculpture
  • Graduated at the top of her class in the school of Fine Arts at Syracuse University
  • Pole dancing since 2010
  • Taught in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Signature Workshops with Jeni Janover Thursday, January 17th & Friday, January 18th at Studio For Hire Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, Jan 17 8:00-9:30pm Performance Prep

Frestyl Fitness @ Studio Fore Hire 

711 W Lake St #304 , Minneapolis, MN 55408

Jeni is here to help with your performance skills! Let this pole dance expert help you develop stage presence, smooth your pole skills for competition, and put the final touches on a your routine!

Friday, Jan 18 7:30-9:00pm Flares Flops & Money Shots

Frestyl Fitness @ Studio Fore Hire 

711 W Lake St #304 , Minneapolis, MN 55408

Fly like a break-dancer while you spin like an Olympic skater and shock and awe like Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”—all in 8” heels. In this class students learn how heels can actually make certain types of floorwork easier. Learn all the crazy S#*t you see Jeni post on social media through a safe and accessible progression. 

Bring: Cropped tops, legging, leg warmers and heels

Liquid Motion Method Workshops with Jeni Janover Saturday, January 18 at Studio For Hire Minneapolis, MN

Saturday, Jan 18 9:30am - Liquid Motion On The Pole
Frestyl is putting our regular class schedule on hold to bring you Liquid Motion On The Pole! This class is for polers wanting to apply a new system of motion to the pole, so experience with pole dance/fitness is recommended.

Saturday, Jan 19 2:00pm - Liquid Motion: The Class
Experience the original Liquid Motion method of movement! This is a floor dance class - no pole or dance experience is required.

New pole classes in your location! Now every Frestyler can dance at least two days a week!!

That's all the news for now! Happy New Year!!


Old News for Pole Dancing Lesson Students in Minneapolis, Mankato, Blue Earth & Rochester, Minnesota! 55408 55403 56001 56003 55904

Fair trade coffee & tea helps you learn to dance!

Hi Frestylers!

Some of you may remember last year when we did our Equal Exchange fundraiser. Frestyl students sold organic, fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, & other goodies to family, friends, or just themselves, and 40% of their sales went straight into their Frestyl accounts --to use for anything Frestyl sells!

We’re proudly kicking off our Equal Exchange fundraiser again! Just like last time, there is no minimum order and the money you raise for yourself can go toward anything Frestyl sells. Whether you sell $10 in coffee and use $4 off your next purchase of open pole or legwarmers, or sell $1000 of goodies and use $400 for your own xpole & some private lessons, we hope you enjoy giving yourself a boost with this fun catalog fund raiser! Catalogs and sample products (while they last) will be available in Frestyl lessons from Saturday, Sept 9 through Saturday, Sept 23! Orders are due in the studio by Saturday, September 23! 

More details: Equal Exchange products are delicious and ethically produced. You can find these items in our local food co-coops, including the St. Peter Food Coop in St. Peter MN and Seward Coop in Minneapolis, MN. Because we signed up early (thanks again to Rachel Sandstrom!), an additional 10% of sales fund the event including a very special all-levels pole party on Saturday, October 21, to be hosted by the location with the highest sales! This is a pole party you won’t soon forget - Yes, you can totally invite the folks who order from you to our celebratory pole party! The party will be free for all to attend.

Equal Exchange Student Fund Raiser Timeline:

Saturday, September 9 Catalogs & order forms are available in lessons now! Pick up a catalog when you come to class & sell like your pole lessons depend on it!

Saturday, September 23 Order forms & payments are DUE back to studios! Teachers will collect before & after lessons and submit your orders for final tallying.

Saturday, October 7 Deadline for late order forms. Don’t be late! But if you have to be late… be on time for this drop-dead deadline!

Monday, October 9 Final tallying is finished & orders are sent out to Equal Exchange. 40% of sales deposited straight into students’ accounts. Use the money for anything you want, whenever you choose! Studio with highest sales is announced & preparations begin for a truly epic celebration!

Saturday, October 21 Pole Party hosted by the location with the highest sales! Eat, drink, DANCE & be scary!!

Friday, October  20 – October 27 Products are distributed to students in time for Halloween! 

If you have any questions about the products, the fund raiser, or how you can use your 40%, you can contact Rachel via the studio, or ask your Teacher! ENJOY giving your account a boost, ENJOY your goodies (don’t be shy about sampling the goods in classes next week!!), and see you in the studios!

Frestyl Fitness LLC