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Welcome to Deep Stretch! 

I care about you!! Please know: my internet signal in 2020 has cared a lot, lot less about my computer uploading these videos to this site than I care about you. After days, weeks, months of attempting uploads, I decided to choose to post fully-loaded, but cut-up, class videos rather than endlessly loading full-length videos that "I'm still working on." I care about you deeply -- and I'm not the only one!! Enjoy these lessons whenever you like, and... I wish they were available as full-length ... but, here they are to be enjoyed as they are. I suppose that's a little bit how this year <3

-- Brittin

Deep Stretch for HIPS: Part 1 of 3

Deep Stretch for HIPS: Part 2 of 3

Deep Stretch for HIPS: Part 3 of 3

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