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Thanks for reaching out! We're doing our best to keep up with inquires! That said, we're swamped.

If you're curious about pricing, please enter our Customer Area to see all of our pricing, package, and membership options. We appreciate you and we appreciate your patience!

If you're redeeming a Groupon voucher, head to our Schedule, and click "Book" on the lesson of your choice. Then enter your voucher number into the "Promotion code" line at checkout. You can also click "Book" on the Schedule and apply your voucher code in the "Promotion code" after entering our Customer Area. Voucher numbers can take time to load into our system (we have to do that wo-manually), so if you've recently purchased from Groupon but can't get your code to load, give it some time and try again. If those options didn't work for you, reach out and we're happy to help you!! Thanks for finding us on Groupon, and we appreciate your patience!

We're only able to answer emails and Contact Forms (below) at this time, and we may take a bit to respond to your question.

Thanks for searching for answers on our site before submitting your question here!


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