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Frestyl Fitness Pole Dancing Lessons and Classes in Minneapolis, Mankato, Rochester, Southern MN 

Pole & Movement Lessons Learn pole dance in Minnesota. We offer pole dance classes, 
private lessons, and parties for beginners through advanced. Book a pole class or pole party!

Pole Dance Lessons and Parties in Minneapolis, Mankato, Blue Earth, and Rochester, MN

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Learn Frestyl Fitness at a pace that fits you 

(and not the other way around).

Class Descriptions

Basic Pole Dance

Learn floor work, basic spins, and preparations to climb & invert! Frestyl Basic assumes no prior background in dance or fitness - come as you are! There's no finer place to start!

Pole Dance Routine

Learn floor work, a basic spin, and basic climb. Then mix your moves together in a gently guided routine. This routine is not on an 8-count, and assumes no prior background in dance or fitness. A great introduction to pole fitness!

Find Your Flow: All Levels Pole
A semi-private lesson! An instructor-led warm up  then individualized instruction to help you polish your latest moves and combos.

All Levels Inversions

An all-levels class on inverting your dance, or going upside-down, on the floor, on the pole, and using walls!

All Levels Pole Dance (Frestyl Flow)
Weave a variety of skills together in a soothing pole class for beginners & advanced students alike!

Open Pole

Practice time for current students + an all levels pole class happens during the 2nd week of the month!

The Bottom Line:

Expect to enjoy the body you're in right now, today.

Frestyl Pole & Movement classes begin on yoga mats and progress to floors, walls, and poles! 

No special skills or background is needed to take our classes. Pole classes are 75 minutes long. 

Frestyl Basic is a great place to begin! Get started in Frestyl Basic, or get inspired by the strength around you in our all-levels classes.

Have questions about getting started? Give us a call. We'll be glad to answer your questions and give you more details about Frestyl classes.

Booking with a kiddo? Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in our group classes, but one child may be added to a parent's private lesson at no additional cost.

Call or email to schedule a private lesson or private class for you and/or anyone under the age of 15.


Frestyl Fitness Rochester


1201 S Broadway

Rochester, MN 55904

(507) 258-6475

(For pole class & party info contact Frestyl at 507-351-7805)

Frestyl Fitness Minneapolis

Studio For Hire

711 W Lake St. #304

Minneapolis, MN 55408

(612) 567-1519

(For pole class & party info contact Frestyl at 507-351-7805)

Frestyl Fitness Mankato

Studio For Hire - Mankato

110 W Dukes St

Mankato, MN 56001

(612) 567-1519

(For pole class & party info contact Frestyl at 507-351-7805)

Frestyl Fitness Blue Earth

Faribault County Fitness Center

320 White Oak Rd
Blue Earth, MN 56013
(507) 526-3376
(For pole class & party info contact Frestyl at 507-351-7805)

Google searching "pole classes near me" was the smartest thing I ever did when I was passing through Minneapolis on vacation trip from Wisconsin to Iowa. I learned beginner pole dance from Frestyl in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, and I have to say I can't WAIT until there's a Frestyl near me in Madison, WI! Please come to Wisconsin, Frestyl!

Pole dancing classes for anyone getting back into shape


Mankato, MN


7pm Open Pole
2nd week of the month: 7pm All levels pole


Rochester, MN

7pm All-Levels Pole Dance


Blue Earth, MN


Minneapolis, MN



5:45pm Basic Pole
7:15pm All-Levels Inversions

5:45pm Basic Pole

7:15pm All-Levels Pole



5:45pm Basic Pole
7:15pm All-Levels Pole
5:45pm Basic Pole
7:15pm All-Levels Pole


5:45pm Basic-Intermediate

6:30pm Open Pole

2nd week of the month: 6:30pm All levels pole

Fridays & Weekends


2nd Sunday of the month, 10:30am


Saturdays, weekly: 10am All-Levels Pole Routine

Sundays, weekly: 4:30pm All-Levels Pole

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Pole Fitness Class Levels

Classes are based on familiarity with Frestyl teaching vocabulary, not on ability to perform physical feats. Contact us to chat about which classes are best for you. 

Learn Frestyl Fitness at a pace that fits you (not the other way around).

Frestyl Basic
Basic classes are first-timer friendly. Basic classes include extra challenges for students polishing the foundations. No inversions.

Frestyl Intermediate

Intermediate classes assume some familiarity with Frestyl pole fitness vocabulary. Attend a Basic or All-Levels class first. Inversions allowed.

Frestyl Advanced

Advanced classes assume great familiarity with Frestyl pole fitness vocabulary. Chat with a teacher about before signing up. Inversions galore! 

Frestyl All-Levels

Our All-Levels classes introduce Frestyl pole fitness vocabulary for beginners and extend it for everyone. Inversions allowed.

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Frestyl Fitness classes are great fitness classes for out of shape people, new mothers, and group fitness classes for wellbeing and fun.

Frestyl Fitness classes are a special brand of fitness class.

Frestyl Fitness is the BEST brand of fitness and pole fitness for beginners and people with no fitness or dance background. Frestyl Fitness classes are for anyone!

We invite you to try out classes with others in pole & movement! We proudly host a select variety of pole & fitness brands with invited guest instructors. See "Special events" on our schedule to browse and book guest instructors! 
NOTE that Special events are a different type of amazing - these are NOT Frestyl-branded lessons. Please expect different lesson structures and check out prerequisites for Special events taught by invited guest instructors. Ask a Frestyl Teacher for help if you've got questions about attending a Special event.

Want Frestyl Fitness classes closer to home?
Ask your gym or studio's manager to contact us for information about making Frestyl Fitness part of their programming.