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Pole Fitness classes & Pole Dance classes in MN:

Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403.

Drop-in pole classes!

Attend regularly or show up on a whim!

Check our our DROP-IN POLE CLASSES schedule

Pole Lessons by Appointment for groups and individual students!

Lessons by appointment are available in all locations. Just call ahead to schedule your time(s). A deposit is required to book lessons by appointment.


$35 per person

minimum two students


$35 + tax per person, minimum 4 

If booking group lessons by appointment, the same students need not attend each lesson. For personal trainers and fitness instructors looking to provide variety for their clients, it is recommended that you book more than one group lesson at a time (e.g. purchase two group appointments for $85 each at once, rather than purchasing two one-time group appointments for $35 per person). Once purchased, lessons by appointment may be scheduled any time within 6 months. Discounts for fitness & wellness, mother-daughter, and mentoring groups may be available in your area. Contact us at 507-351-7805 or to inquire.

Classes available on a drop-in schedule and by appointment at all locations! We have 3 studios throughout Southern Minnesota: Mankato, MN (56001), as well as Rochester (55901), and Minneapolis (55401 - ‎55402 - ‎55403 - ‎55404).

Please arrive at least five minutes before class time :) Doors will be locked during class.

Drop-in pricing:

One-time drop-in: $30

Buy 4 or more drop-classes/month: $69/month, additional classes: $15 each

Mankato Discount: Buy 4 or more drop-in classes in Mankato: $12/class ($48 for 4 clas

Pole Fitness Composition 8-week course (90-min)

Thinking of giving it a whirl & having a polished performance piece to show for it? Whether you’re considering pole sport competition, a local showcase performance or simply enjoying your own unique styles of movement, our 8-week Pole Fitness Composition series is a great place to be!

This 8 week course will help you develop, polish, and (if desired) perform a song or a story you'd like to interpret through movement, and will help you polish and enjoy the unique and lovely movements that only you can make. We understand that you might consider yourself to be "not strong enough for this*" and that you might dread the thought of anyone you know knowing that you're even *considering* taking a pole fitness composition class. Or perhaps you are chomping at the bit for your chance to shine in 2015 Pole Sport competitions or local showcases ...Maybe you frequently change your mind about each of these ideas depending on how you feel on any given day. ...And that's okay. That's what we're here for!

This 8-week series meets for 90-minutes once per week. The course includes:

  • Composition of movements that help you look and feel your own personal best
  • Creation of a routine, including integration of moves, combinations, and transitions for all levels of pole fitness (including "Level Clueless")
  • Performance & dramatic aspects of pole compositions, including character development, emotion & expression, story-telling via movement, and achieving maximum audience impact (even if the audience is just you) :)
  • Competition preparation Q & A (for those so inclined) including competition rules, performance scoring, and how to focus on your own unique areas of strength

    Weekly instruction is given by the same instructor/coach each week, plus guest instructors to check on your progress at regular intervals.


    • 8 weekly 90-minute classes

    • Open Pole (practice) session at any location

    • Power Hour each week at any location

    • Information on Pole Sport Organization competitions & events
      And when it's all said & done, you'll have:

    • A gorgeous piece of movement created by you, interpreted by you, and even performed or documented on video if you like (so that when you're 89 years old, you'll have evidence of your own amazingness. We guarantee you'll glad you did this). :)

    • A body who might have changed a little bit for the stronger. While Frestyl Fitness is here for that reason as well, we're mostly here to hostess you as you enjoy your body as it is, right now, today. We hope we'll be seeing you!!


    Pole Compositions are supposed to bring out your best, not make you more stressed. So if you register for all 8 weeks and have to miss your regularly-scheduled section (for any reason!), here's what we offer to help you keep up your best:

    • Attend another section of Pole Fitness Composition at any location during the week prior to or after your absence, at no extra charge

    • Attend a drop-in class at any Frestyl location as a make-up, at no extra charge (we credit up to one make-up drop-in per series)

    • You're always welcome at Open Pole and Power Hour (and registration in this workshop includes those), so make the most of this by attending this practice session – especially if you need to miss a class.

    • If you need or want additional coaching, we're happy to help you set up lessons by appointment. Pole Fitness Composition participants can save 10% on Lessons by Appointment good through June 2015 (this includes Pole Parties, know, just in case you need a practice audience made up of your besties)!

    Registration for Pole Fitness Composition includes Open Pole and Power Hour! You're not obligated to attend all classes each week, you just get extra perks for registering for this Composition series!

    *note: you're not supposed to "be strong enough" for pole class before you ever get to a pole class. ...That's why you GO to pole class!

    Workshop purchases are non-refundable! Make sure the class time(s) and our attendance & make-up policies work for you!

    Frestyl Basic (Beginner/First-timer friendly*!!) (75 minutes)

    Learn basic spins, floorwork, and prepare to climb. Learn a new skill each week, and develop the strength to climb and perform advanced spins. This is the "original" frestyl class to be enjoyed for fitness, stress relief, and fun! Come give it a whirl!

    *Note: Frestyl Basic is a special place for beginners and first-timers. Intermediate & advanced students are welcome to join Frestyl Basic for an amazing work out and to enjoy new variations on basic skills through the eyes of a beginner! In this spirit, some moves such as inversions are not permitted in this class.

    Lesson changes each week. Attend when you like, as often as you like (you are not required to attend weekly). Pay online or in person at class.

    Offered in Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403.

    Pole Fitness Routine (Beginner/All levels) (75 minutes)

    Not feelin' freestyle dance?

    No need to make it up on your own!

    Learn floor work, a basic spin, and basic climb. This class guides you through a calorie-scorching-hot (and totally do-able) choreographed routine. Newbies get a great introduction to pole fitness. Continuing students can integrate skills learned in "frestyl" classes while enhancing climb endurance and flow.

    This class assumes no past dance or exercise experience, and is a great conditioning work out for anyone - especially first-timers!

    (Tip: bring your mom!)

    Frestyl Basic-Intermediate (Beginner/First-timer through Intermediate) (75 minutes)

    Learn and refine floor work, basic and intermediate spins, create more flow, and climb a little higher each week as you leave the floor behind.

    Lesson changes regularly. Attend when you like, as often as you like (you are not required to attend weekly). Pay online or in person at class.

    Offered in Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. 

    Conditioning: Pole Dance Routine (All Levels) (75 minutes)

    Learn or polish a spin, climb, and transition. and use a gently choreographed (totally do-able) Pole Fitness Routine for a wonderful conditioning work out at any level.

    Newer students get a great introduction to pole fitness. Continuing students can practice skills learned in other frestyl classes while enhancing strength and endurance.

    This class is a great work out for continuing students and anyone who has preferably attended at least one of our Beginner/Level 1 classes. Beginners welcome.

    Frestyl Flow (Beginner through advanced) (75 minutes)

    Weave a variety of skills together in a novel pole fitness experience for beginners and advanced students alike. A sure-fire soul-soother!

    (Seriously, this is a pretty great Sunday night smoother-outter.)

    Offered in Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403.

    Open Pole - Current students only, great for Unlimited Pass Holders!

    It's like study hall, except...better!

    Practice your latest moves (or old stand-bys!) during this open session. An instructor will be on-hand to check you in and make sure you know how open pole works, but otherwise: "just dance." :) Feel free to bring music along (CDs and iPods).

    Safety Policy: Students agree not to perform inversions without approval from the instructor on-site. Students agree not to instruct other students in climbs, inversions, and non-basic spins.

    Pole Power Hour (Beginner through advanced) (75 minutes)

    After an instructor-led warm up using a variety of floor work, you can get help learning something new or polishing your latest moves. Your instructor can even help you add combinations and dance transitions to your mix!

    Note: Students should ask an instructor to assist with inversions, non-basic climbs, and any spins in which both hands are not on the pole, and agree to never instruct others students in these moves during Power Hour. "Kicking into" inversions is strictly prohibited at our studio. But no worries: we're here to help you invert with safe, efficient form.

    The instructor at left is guiding a junior instructor through an inversion being performed slowly and without momentum. "Jumping," "kicking," and "dead-lifting" body weight are prohibited in our classes, including Power Hour. (Note: Inverting is not allowed in Frestyl Basic.)

    Frestyl Intermediate/Advanced

    Frestyl your inversions, polish those spins, and learn beautiful transitions!

    Pole Spins & Inversions is open to beginners, but is most helpful to advanced students. Join this class after you’ve given pole fitness a whirl (or two), and learn safe, efficient, and beautiful ways to get your crown upside-down!

    Lesson changes regularly. Attend when you like, as often as you like (you are not required to attend weekly).

    Offered in Mankato, MN 56001

    Divinely Inspired Dance Parties! (aka Workshops)

    Have something to celebrate (such as a birthday…or a Saturday)? Book a special workshop just for you and your girlfriends! With two hours of private studio time, you and your friends can delve into the art of pole dance and have time to blast the music, use your new moves, and take pictures and video with your buddies (if so desired)! We have plenty of room for gift-openings, noshing (we provide water, but not refreshments - but you can bring them!), or prepping for a night on the town. (Note: you may not really want to leave....)

    Pricing: $345 for up to 10 ladies, and $20 per additional person.

    Pole Dance Parties are available in Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403.

    Give your friends a whirl!!

    Booking a Dance Party gives you access to special pricing on "Get your own pole class" group lessons in the future, so let us know if you're interested in coming back with your friends!

    Private Instruction:

    Private (one student) lessons are $60/hour. Call 5076-351-7805 or email to arrange a time!

    Get your own pole class!

    Group Lessons by Appointment:

    An amazing way for friends to celebrate a new fitness goal or prepare for a special event! Available in

    Mankato, MN: 56001. Rochester, MN: 55901. Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403.

    A fitness class just for your group! Private group classes can be all-female, all-male, or co-ed.

    One 75 minute lesson: $35 per person minimum two people per lesson

    Multiple 75-minute lessons: $85 per lesson for up to 10 people per lesson or $25 per person for more than 10 students.


    If you are celebrating a one-time event such as a birthday or bachelorette party, we recommend booking a Divinely Inspired Dance Party... but if you're working toward a goal (fun or fitness!), then grab your pals & twirl away some calories on the regular - 

    Flexibility (for anyone!)

    An amazing series of stretches to enhance your flexibility and leave you thoroughly relaxed.

    Enjoy & extend flexibility that you already have. You are not supposed to "be" flexible to take this class (but if you are "flexible," that is okay, too). Either way, don't you dare be anything other than yourself ;)

    Drop-in any time (space permitting) or enroll for four weeks at a discount. YES, you will notice the difference!

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