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Booking your pole fitness classes

Hello lovely Frestyler!!

Here's how to get rolling on signing into your online account and booking your classes!


If you have a Frestyl class pass or account but you haven’t logged into our new system, go to and select “Sign In.” Enter your email address as your user name, then click “I forgot my password!” in order to create a password and access your info.

Once you have your user name and password, you’re all set to go!


If you’re dropping in once, feel free to book directly from the online calendar! But if you’ll be dancing with us a few times, go to the Customer area to purchase pre-paid packages and/or memberships! Prepaid packages and memberships are available by signing into the "Customer area!”

One-time drop in pricing (available directly from the class schedule):


Prepaid package pricing:

6 classes @ $125

12 classes @ $200

24 classes at $360

Membership pricing:

4 classes/month @ $69 (add’l classes: $15 each)

8 classes/month @ $119 (add’l classes: $15 each)

Unlimited classes @ $195

Log in to the Customer area to access package & member pricing!


When you book a class, you’ll receive a confirmation email saying

“Your booking is confirmed!” This email includes a “View / change booking” button at bottom which you can use to view, change or cancel your booking! You can also view, change, or cancel bookings when you’re logged into your account.

You can cancel or change a class booking (without losing a credit!) up to 4 hours prior to class start time. Beyond the 4 hour cutoff, you won’t be able to get your credit back, so groom your schedule accordingly.

If you are registered for a class that is cancelled due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances, you will always receive your credit back. Walk-ins are welcome when space and lesson plans permit!

Registering for classes means you’re among the first to know when something changes unexpectedly, and registering ahead of time helps keep classes from being cancelled due to low enrollment.


Most Frestyl classes have an enrollment minimum of 4 students per class or 8 students across two classes when/where back-to-back classes are offered. If you are registered for a class and it doesn't meet minimum enrollment 4 hours prior to class time, the class may be cancelled. If this happens, you’ll be notified about 4 hours prior to class time and you will receive your class credit back for future use.


We’d love you to bring your bestie, your Aunt Karen, —whoever you’d like, any time, at the spur of the moment and we welcome walk ins when space permits! That said, most lesson plans assume a class size of 6 to 8 persons. Additional students might be accommodated when/where Frestyl Teachers can modify the lesson plan without sacrificing quality, but you also could be turned away if class is full. Walking in is usually worth the gamble, but making a reservation ensures we can serve you!



If you receive a message that a class enrollment has been “blocked,” that could mean a few different things! Usually a “blocked” class means that class was already booked up by someone representing a whole group of people. (PS Did you know you can book a whole class time for you & your friends? See below!) “Blocked” classes can also happen because the class didn't meet minimum enrollment, staff aren’t available as usual, or because a change at the gym’s facility has affected normal programming at the gym (example: when the Faribault County Fair affects traffic and parking at Faribault County Fitness Center in Blue Earth, we may cancel class due to those unusual circumstances). If you’re interested in attending a class that has been “blocked” for enrollment, sign up for the wait list! That way, any available spot is held for you, we can notify you of any special info you’ll need in order to get to class on time, and you won’t lose a credit if we don’t hold class. If you join the wait list and you’re added to the class, you’ll be notified by email typically at least 4 hours prior to class start time.


We wish we could clone you! But since we can’t, we’ll be seriously stoked to have your friends, family, anyone you like in classes!

Newcomers to Frestyl save 50% on their first purchase! Have them call the studio to have us hold an initial unpaid reservation, or hold a spot for them on your account - then after they take their first class they can decide on a one-time drop in, prepaid package, or a membership. Or you can reach out to the studio for newcomer discount info or reservations for your friend, too :D


Be on the lookout for special events by guest instructors like Leah Franklin & Jordan Mazur (Sept 24-30), Kara Lynn Kay (Oct 5-7), Roz the Diva (Nov 15-17 TBA) David C. Owen (TBA) or Rachele Ribera (TBA).

Routines & Roulette is a special performance workshop for students & pros alike! “R & R" is a positively raucous event that lets performers (called “players”) choose whether they’ll provide music for a showcase-type performance for a live audience (called “dancing a routine”), or whether they’ll enter the “roulette” and perform to a song randomly selected from a pool of songs submitted by audience members and players! All levels from the veriest beginning beginner to the advancediest pro (like Rae Rebekka, Rachele Ribera, David C. Owen, and Anna Alvarez, Leah Franklin & Jordan Mazur!). Get more info from a Frestyl Teacher & keep an eye out for player & audience tickets!

R & R happens next on Sunday, Sept 30th at 6:30pm in Minneapolis!

That’s all the news that is news… for now :) Have a happy & wonderful day!


PS!! Emma Blair's 90-minute "Pull Up A Chair" workshop for pole & chair dance has MOVED to WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1ST AT 7:15PM IN MANKATO

This workshop's for ANY level: beginner to pro! Join us for a laughin' good time! Heels are welcome (but not required) in this great class!

Sign up under "Special events" is $35/person. Space is limited!


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