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Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor, wall, chair, and/or pole dance, plus stretching & flexibility at home!

Check out Remote Lessons on our live schedule!

We teach amazing pole & movement lessons for the body you have right now, today. Bring yourself to a place of calm strength where many of the stories you've learned about your body are simply no longer true. Join us online for live, interactive Remote Lessons and enjoy movement instruction previously in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mankato, Rochester, Blue Earth, or at your local gym.

Enjoy your body as it is right now, today.

You'll be amazed at what your body can do! 

Drop-in pole & movement online lessons for everyone!

Lessons by Appointment

for you & your group!

Dance parties online to celebrate any occasion! Invite your friends, even family for Family Flow Lab -- great for kids & older adults, too!

Lessons on the floor, the wall, on a chair, and/or on fitness pole are for you to enjoy in the body you have right now, today.

See our descriptions for Remote Lessons on our schedule at

No background in dance or fitness (or anything else) is needed to attend

Frestyl Basic & All-levels pole lessons, and lessons in floor dance, chair dance and wall dance.

Comfortable layered clothing is recommended. Leg warmers and shorts (can be worn under leggings or sweats) are helpful but not required.

Avoid lotion and massage or oils (such as coconut oil) 24 hours prior to class. Plan to remove jewelry on hands and wrists.

We sell lotion replacements to keep your skin happy, as well as comfortable clothing and additional gear to suit your needs.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about how to stay comfy in pole class!

You may grow stronger through Frestyl, but our goal is for you to enjoy the body you have today. 

Dance with us! You'll be amazed what your body can do.

Expect to enjoy the body you're in right now, today.

Frestyl Pole & Movement classes begin on yoga mats and progress to floors, walls, and poles!

No special skills or background is needed to take our classes. Frestyl pole classes are 75 minutes long.

Frestyl All-Levels Pole & Roll classes are 90 minutes long, and include a 75 minute-pole lesson (accessible for first-timers) plus 15 minutes of active flexibility using foam rollers. No level of "flexibility" is required in order to attend Frestyl Pole & Roll (or any other Frestyl class).

Frestyl classes exist to foster strength, flexibility and functional movement for students (not the other way around).

Frestyl Basic is a great place to begin! Get started in Frestyl Basic, or get inspired by the strength around you in our all-levels classes.

Have questions about getting started? Give us a call or send us an email. We'll be glad to answer your questions and give you more details about Frestyl classes and how to begin.

Booking with a kiddo? Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in our group classes. One child may be added to a parent's or guardian's private lesson at no additional cost.

Call 507-351-7805 or email or select "Personal Lessons" on our Schedule page in order to schedule a private lesson or private class for you and/or anyone under the age of 15.

To support current public health efforts and reduce spread of COVID-19, Frestyl lessons are only available online at this time.

Contact your local gym once it reopens to see when Frestyl Fitness Pole & Movement Lessons will be available live in studio.

Call us: 507-351-7805

Email us:

Visit our Facebook Page:

Video below: A live, in-studio Frestyl Fitness Pole & Movement Lesson captured by Elanem Photography.

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