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One-time drop-in pricing ($30/class) is available by clicking "Book" on the online schedule below. Sign into our Customer Area to view and purchase special rates and discounts using prepaid packages and monthly memberships!

Redeeming a Groupon voucher? Redeem those by phone by calling us (507-351-7805) or emailing us ( with:

Your first & last name, your email address, your Groupon voucher number, and your phone number.

Frestyl Fitness offers flexible ways to schedule fitness and movement lessons. Browse monthly memberships for the best rates on pole dancing lessons and discounts on private lessons and special workshops, and check out prepaid packages for pole dancing lessons. 


If you book a spot in class, but find you won't be able to attend, you can cancel your booking up to 4 hours prior to the start of class by logging into the Customer area, or by using the "View/cancel booking" button in your booking confirmation email. If you cancel your booking at least 4 hours prior to class start time, you can use your class credit for a future booking until its expiration date. (Prepaid packages are valid for 12 months, monthly membership credits expire a month after purchase. Pricing for prepaid packages & membership credits on the Pricing page, and/or in the Customer area.)

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time to attend to personal needs and put away personal items by class time. Late arrivals are not admitted to class. Reservations are recommended, as class size for most lessons are capped at 5 to 8 people. Walk-ins are welcome when space and time permits. Book a one-time drop-in class on our schedule, or log into the Customer area to book a class using a prepaid package or monthly membership.

Do not wear body lotion or oils (including coconut oil) to class. Lotions and grip aids that are safe for use on poles, lyra, and silks are available for purchase at all locations. We ask that jewelry on hands and wrists be removed for class or left at home.

Need info on booking, viewing, changing your classes? Get more info at


In order to use class credits, you must be signed in as a Customer. Sign into the Customer area first and then select “New booking” to select your booking from the schedule, or select a booking from the Drop-In schedule first and follow the prompts to sign in as a Customer.

Once you select a booking or Course, you’ll receive the prompt:

The class you selected is part of a course.

Please select an enrollment option:

To purchase the course without using credits, select “enroll in the full course....”

To use your Prepaid Package or Membership credits, select “enroll only in the following classes…," and then select the classes you will attend. (It’s okay: you can review Cancelation policies for each class day prior to confirming your bookings.)

If the schedule won’t let you select a box next to a date, it means class is full for that date.

If the schedule asks you to pay an amount for one or more classes, then it means that you don’t have sufficient class credits for the options you are selecting. (It’s okay: the system draws on multiple Prepaid Packages/Membership credits if they are available. If you receive a prompt to purchase a class(es) then you can pay the price shown, or go to the Customer area to purchase a Prepaid Package or change your Membership in order to make your bookings with class credits.)

If you have class credits but don’t wish to use them to attend a Course, then select “enroll in the full course….” in order to purchase the course without using class credits. Members pay $16 per additional class, even for Courses, so this may be a good option if you’re a Frestyl Member regularly attending classes more than once or twice per week.

Frestyl Memberships:

Frestyl Members have 6 weeks from Membership Enrollment or Renewal to use class credits. Memberships autorenew monthly. Cancel or change your membership at any time.

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