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Saturday, Jan 7th!
(doors open @ 7:00pm, dancers & artists may arrive @ 6pm)

Details for Performers & Audience Members

It's happening again -- this time, it's at Minnsky Theatre!
Saturday, October 29th at 7:30pm!!
(Dancers may arrive at 6pm.) 

Want to enjoy a break from the routine & a low-key yet high-energy celebration of pole?

Open to all polers and supporters, this event is meant to encourage the pole community & inspire the pole-curious, bringing together different dance styles, a variety of music, and endless variety of feats performed on poles.

Because performers are encouraged to watch, enjoy & be inspired by the show, admission or entry fees are $18 before October or $23 beginning October 1st. Tickets are available online and at the door for performers & audience members alike. We have a few special twists for dancers this time around....

Special Twist #1: If you desire, written feedback from experienced pole sport judges will be given to you after the show (this is included in the price of your registration).

Special Twist #2: If you desire, you have the option to place a few extra bets on your time at Routines & Roulette! We're including extra events like:

  • "Blackjack:" Blackjack players provide us with a list of moves they know. (Players write their moves down on cards when they arrive at the theater.) Moves from the list will be chosen randomly and, essentially, yelled out at the dancing player during the dance. The challenge for Blackjack players is to transition safely and swiftly into the moves being called out during their dance. (This is the game previously known as "Squaredance" at Routines & Roulette at Bryant-Lake Bowl.)
  • "Doubling Down:" Doubling Down is where two players take the poles at once for an improve "freestyled" duet! If you're down for doubles (get it?), just say so on this form. You may be chosen for a "Double Down" roulette dance with another poler who's down for doubles! The challenge for those who "Double Down" their roulette dance is to coordinate safely and smoothly with their fellow dancer.
  • "High Rollers:" High Rollers are players who would like to dance more than once in the line up! This may mean dancing to a submitted song (a "routine") as well as a randomly selected song ("roulette"). The challenge for the High Roller is to explore variation in music and a variety of moves across more than one dance!

And now back to your regular rules & regulations:

Before the event...

  1. Decide to enjoy yourself & your community in a positive, supportive, safe environment :)
  2. Envision whether you'd be happiest watching the event, dancing in the event, or both! (And polers, let's be real: seeing others take to the poles in spirit of fun, fitness or creative movement is likely to get you inspired to get up there, too, so plan accordingly!) :)
  3. If you want to be a Roulette Player, buy a ticket here
  4. If you want to be an audience member only, buy a ticket via Minnsky Theatre!
  5. If you haven't decided yet whether you want to be an audience member or player, but you *do* know you want to be in that theater during the coolest pole party open to the public, then purchase a ticket through Minnsky Theatre, and follow instructions below as time goes on. Even on the night of the event, we may have room for you to jump into the line up (or will we?).
  6. After you've purchased a ticket through Frestyl as a player or through Minnsky as a supporter/audience member, email a few (up to 6) songs that you'd like to see piece of pole art performed to in the "Roulette." Email your music ideas to [email protected], subject line "Routines & Roulette Music Submission." Please include the artist, song title, and any applicable remix info in your email to make sure we get your song choice correct!
  • If you are a poler who wants to perform a dance to a particular "Routine" song (instead of a free dance to a randomly-selected “Roulette” song), then email [email protected] subject line “Routine Music Submission.” We’ll add you to the line-up where it works!

Mention whether you'd like to play (dance):
  • Routine (to music you choose)
  • Roulette (to music picked randomly)
  • Blackjack (you give us a list of your moves at the event, we deal'em to ya at random while you freestyle!)
  • Double Down (you're down to freedance a duet!)
  • High Roller (you'd like to dance more than once, space permitting)
It is optional to include the following info, too:
  • Whether you don't want to dance early/first or late/last, or in the middle of the evening (if applicable).
  • Whether you consider yourself a beginner-intermediate poler, or an intermediate-advanced poler. (We're happy to see you regardless of level; beginner-intermediate dancers will not be given songs exceeding 3.5 minutes in length, unless you say otherwise.)
  • Please start a NEW thread/subject for each email to make sure we get all the info you need us to have. Thank you!

Other Rules & Stuff:
  • Dancers may choose to join the show on the day of, space & time permitting
  • There are no rules for music. Song will be truncated to suit the dancer's request. (Some dancers may want the music to stop after 3 minutes, 4 minutes, etc.) Original songs, covers, and/or mash-ups are welcome, too. Feel free to select songs as they are, or cut the music if you like (may we recommend :) The deadline to submit songs is 12 hours prior to the event start time. It’s optional to include in your email up to three keywords for how the song makes you feel.
  • No rules for music means that little ones (young children) may hear words you'll have to explain and/or prohibit on the ride home. Our show is for everyone - especially dancers & their friends, family & supporters. But beware that music and language may be suggestive. (And to be clear: no nudity is allowed in Routines & Roulette.)

During the event:

  • Songs will be selected from the playlist of compiled submissions, during the event, by random selection (i.e. the event playlist will be on shuffle play).
  • Roulette Players will take the stage solo (except in "double-down" freestyled duet events). The intention of this event is to encourage free dance, and/but there is nothing wrong with using pre-determined choreo or routines & combos during your Roulette. No acrobatics are allowed (i.e. no jumping from pole to pole, and runs/jumps involving climbs or inversions are not permitted).
  • Approval happens. Audience members & fellow polers will be amazed, inspired, and totally stoked to watch & cheer as Players interpret the music selection at hand.

Roulette Players do not necessarily have to be introduced on stage, unless they would prefer to be introduced and say any kind words about...anything. :) The lack of introductions is mostly due to time constraints – but also because it’s kinda fun to be anonymous and then able to make new friends by asking/being asked, “Who ARE you? I saw your dance and [insert compliments/keen & kind observations here].”


  • Songs exceeding 4 minutes in length may be cut at about 3.5 to 4 minutes depending on lineup.
  • Dancers can request their dance time to be cut to any length (2 minutes, 3 minutes, one minute...).
  • No run & jumps or other attempts to take out the 45mm xpoles upon which we’ll be dancing. No acrobatics, and no jumping from pole to pole.
  • Anyone overheard saying anything disparaging about dancers or dances – including themselves or their own dances – will kindly be asked to apologize for the comment.
  • Anyone seeing something cool, inspiring, beautiful, or gorgeous must, at some point, cheer or applaud, preferably in a loud, joyous fashion.

Suggestions for Music:

  • Submit that song that you weren't allowed to submit to your latest pole competition due to details such as gross inappropriateness
  • Submit that song you secretly love to dance to but haven't yet played in the studio due to fears of being institutionalized against your will
  • Submit your all-time favorite pole songs
  • Submit that song that you *know* would make a great pole song
  • Submit that song that you *know* would make a great pole song if only [insert challenge/barrier here]
  • Submit a song that you consider "undanceable"
  • Submit the most innocent, unassuming radio edit you can think of...simply to see what happens when you or another Roulette Player interprets the song on the fly

Questions about this event may be directed to Special Events Coordinator Emily Wessel at [email protected] or to Frestyl Fitness general inbox at  [email protected]  and/or via facebook, or posted at

Enjoy! And long live the full-length freestyle.