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Our staff are a dedicated team of pole instructors who brings a range of backgrounds & expertise to the studio. 
Pole fitness for us is a healthy, rewarding hobby, and we're here to teach because we want to share the positive impact that pole and the pole community have had on our lives... and we hope we'll be seeing you soon!

Brittin Leigh, Founder, Instructor (Minneapolis)

How did you get your start in pole fitness? 
My mom visited me when I was in graduate school, finishing my doctorate, and found me unhappily hunched over my computer many hours each day. One evening my mom (who had just learned facebook) ran across Jenyne Butterfly's 2011 "BEST Pole Dance Ever" video and insisted I watch it through. (Video may still be available at: I was fascinated by the joy and gentle strength in the dance. Later that week, my mom gifted me with a six week pole class series at Divine Movement. I was hooked after my second class. The instructors, the beautiful and quiet studio space and its ethos -- a supportive, positive community of women, have kept me coming back to Divine (of Seattle) even after moving to Minneapolis.

What compels you to continue your pole practice?

The people I meet! Pole fitness draws together some of the most kind, intelligent, and supportive people I have ever met. So I continue pole because it allows me to connect with women who amaze and inspire others simply by being themselves. Teaching pole is especially rewarding; when a beginner walks into the space unsure about what she is or isn't "strong enough" to do on a pole, and leaves the space having blown everyone's mind with graceful, gorgeous moves that only she can make? That's rewarding. I tell students to play their current favorite song and do "homework" on their floor at home, especially on days when they feel they've had no time for themselves personally. Playing as little as 3 minutes of music and dancing around whatever space is handy makes all the difference in the world to me, and often my students report the same. When it comes down to it, pole has made such a positive difference to me -- and that's what it's all about. (Finally, and in full disclosure, I continue pole because it allows me to carry ALL of my grocery bags at once!)

Educational and professional experience:

B.A. History and Sociology (double major) University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.A. Sociology University of Washington

PhD Sociology/PhD Minor Statistics University of Washington

What's Frestyl to you? 

Frestyl is a safe, clean, and supportive environment for me to exercise the body I have on any given day. I know that when I'm in the studio, I can drop expectations for who and what I am supposed to be, and any performance goals I might have become just that: performance goals, not performance requirements. ... I usually don't wear makeup to the studio, and often my hair is not "done" when I'm at pole class. I proudly tell students, "That doesn't matter here." when they express uncertainty about how their hair, make up or clothing looks...or whether or not they've shaved any time recently (lol). Frestyl is just a place to be and be well.

What is currently on your favorite playlist?  

Stuff from my teachers at Divine and my students in Uptown Minneapolis, plus a few things I get exposed to on random NPR stories (FKA Twigs, Lindsey Sterling), friends who have different taste in music than I (friends play the darndest EDM).

Water Me - FKA Twigs

Retrograde - James Blake

Splitting the Atom - Massive Attack

Carousel - Melanie Martinez

White Rabbit (Dubstep Remix) - Dubstep/Future Dubstep

Blue Streak Mama - Frazey Ford

Rolling Over - Low Roar

Learning - The National

X - Chris Brown

Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) - Flight Facilities

Fisherman - The Peach Kings

When We Fall In - Sean Hayes

Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

Crystallize - Lindsey Sterling

Storms in Africa - Enya

Only Time - Enya

Favorite quote:

In a world where coldness is mistaken for sophistication, kindness can both attract and repel. - unknown

Becca, Instructor (Mankato)

How did you get your start in pole fitness?
A friend of mine told me about a new pole studio in town and asked if I wanted to join her at class. It was perfect timing because my husband had just left town on a business trip. I thought this would be thrilling to give it a try and tell him I have a new skill.

What compels you to continue your pole practice?

Of course I fell in love with pole dance. It was a unique experience for me to allow myself to be vulnerable and embrace movement in a way I previously would have felt uncomfortable or self-conscious. I fell in love with myself through the comfort and confidence I gained through pole dancing. 

Educational and professional experience:
I graduated from St. Cloud State University with my undergrad in Mass Communications - Advertising, minor in Marketing. My graduate degree is Mass Communications - Public Relations.

Why do you love Frestyl? 

 It is a sisterhood, a safe-space, and the staff makes everyone feel welcome.

What is currently on your favorite playlist? 

Honestly - It is Brittin's playlist from when I first starting dancing March 2013

Favorite quote?
"Dance like no one is watching"

Catherine, Lead Instructor (Rochester, MN)

How did you get your start in pole fitness?

I had a friend who started dancing again when she moved to Rochester and convinced me to try it with her. I brought another friend along, and we were both hooked and became instructors.

What compels you to continue your pole practice?

It's the only fitness regimen I've ever stuck with for longer than 6 weeks. And most likely because it's not a regimen, but something I can start and stop as my body desires without the rigor of a program.

Educational and professional experience:

BA in Communication Studies from Saint Cloud State
MA in Special Education from St. Mary's University
Currently doing post-grad work in Applied Behavior Analysis at University of Cincinnati

Why do you love Frestyl? 

I love the freedom to do what feels good and the philosophy regarding loving and respecting myself and supporting others. There's no competition or drive to do or be better, just to be yourself and love what your body can do.

What is currently on your favorite playlist?

I don't have a favorite. I play a wide variety of genres when dancing and teaching. It's one of the things I love, my mood and the situation determine what I dance to.

Favorite quote?

"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast." I find myself thinking about this when I dance, in my work with EBD students, in my life as a single mother, and in my mad rush of a life in general.

How did you get your start in pole fitness?

--I started amongst a 20 credit semester and 3 jobs, I wanted to try something fun to help me relax and enjoy myself!  I needed the girl time in my life!

What compels you to continue your pole practice?
--It continues to be my "me time" for the week, I sometimes refer to it as "Therapy Tuesday!" I love that it's my time in the week where I don't worry about bills/work/etc, and can just focus on feeling good and enjoying myself. It has increased my confidence and gives me a list of ongoing goals, because every-time I learn something, it brings about more things to learn!

What educational and professional experiences do you have in the world outside of pole?
---I got my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato and I recently got hired at the Minnesota Autism Center, working as a behavioral therapist in the school there! I work with kiddos ranging from 9-13, and I absolutely love it!

What's Frestyl to you?
--Frestyl is a place where you are able to really focus on yourself and dance in a way that feels good, because you are surrounded by incredible women who not only would never judge you, but who encourage you and support you every step of the way. It's never a competition and it's all about enjoying each other's strengths.
What's on your song playlist right about now? 

--My playlists are always all over the place, like me! I will listen to anything from John Mayer to Nicki, depending on what kind of dancing mood I'm in!
What’s a quote that inspires you or a memory that makes you smile?

---"Never stress too much over what you consider your 'failures,' because the only people who never fail aren't trying."

Katie - bio coming soon!

Kaitie, Lead Trickster (Rochester)

How did you get your start in pole fitness?
I grew up dancing so after college I had always been searching for something similar that was fun, new, and challenging. I saw Rochester had classes, recruited a friend, and tried it. I knew as soon as I walked into the studio it was where I was meant to be. It was such a comforting feeling.

What compels you to continue your pole practice?
Reaching new goals and discovering new things along the way. It’s wonderful how you can be striving for one thing, yet come across something just as beautiful by “mistake”.

What educational and professional experiences do you have in the world outside of pole?
I am a Cardiovascular surgery/transplant ICU nurse at Mayo.

What's Frestyl to you?
Frestyl is a way to unwind, de-stress, and just get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. It’s also a great way to meet new people, laugh, and have fun with friends ;]

What's on your song playlist right about now?
Good for you-Selena Gomez
Octahate- Ryn Weaver
Elastic Heart-Sia
Love Me Like You Do-Ellie Goulding
400 Lux-Lourde

What’s a quote that inspires you or a memory that makes you smile?
If something is worth having, it won’t come easily.

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