Frestyl Fitness: Pole Dance Lessons for Fitness & Empowerment

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Frestyl is excited to begin classes at EDGE FITNESS in Rochester, MN
beginning August 22nd!! Pole classes are FREE for EDGE members August 22nd through Sept 20th! Non-members still receive the best rates on pole classes in Minnesota (and probably in the nation, but we haven't Googled around enough to say that for certain --stay tuned!). Sign up here to give it a whirl!

Welcome to Frestyl Fitness! We're glad you're here. How may we help you?

Interested in trying our pole classes?

Frestyl wants you to take pole classes because they are fun and because you want to - not because you have to. That's why most of the classes we offer are on a drop-in basis. In other words, you don't have to attend regularly. Unless otherwise noted, drop-in pole classes are 75 minutes long (because once you get yourself here, one hour just isn't enough). As for what to wear if you're just starting out: anything you're comfortable moving in is going to work just great. Shorts do make climbing a little easier, but yoga pants, sweat pants are a-okay, too. Layers and leg warmers are oh-so helpful! 

Pricing for 75-minute drop-in pole classes:

One drop in class: $25

Four or six drop-in classes: $15 per class

Ten drop-in classes: $14.80 per class

Weekly Unlimited Pass: $42

We also offer contract pricing & Unlimited Year passes

Pricing for 40-minute drop-in movement classes:

One 40-minute drop-in: $5

Four 40-minute drop-in classes: $20

Walk-ins are welcome, but we limit class size and online reservations are recommended. Drop-in pole dance classes are available in Mankato, Rochester, and Minneapolis, MN.

Interested in taking a 6 Week Pole Series?

6-Week Series classes including Beginner Pole Fitness, Strength Lab, Custom Combos & Conditioning, and Pole Fitness Composition all begin anew every 6-8 weeks! Follow "Online Signup" to get more info and to register!

Pricing for 6-week series classes:

6-Week Beginner Series: $90


Interested in having a pole party?

Pole parties are perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and girls' nights out. Learn some feel-good moves with a 90 minute lesson, have time for a dance party, and commemorate your time with some pics and video (if desired)! At Frestyl, throwing a pole dancing party isn't as intimidating as it sounds. We'll help you create an unforgettably great time that includes everyone at your party! 

The best way to book a party is to find out what times best suit your group, email us or use our contact form to check on availability, and then book over the phone at 507-351-7805.  Pole dancing parties are available in Mankato, Rochester, and Minneapolis, MN.

Pricing for Two Hour Pole Dance Parties:

 $345 (plus tax) for up to ten people plus $20 per additional person

Interested in private lessons for yourself or scheduling pole classes for your group?

Private lessons are a great gift to yourself.  Private group pole classes are a great way to make sure you and your friends get together and moving regularly. 

Pricing for Private Lessons:

One Private Lesson: $65/hour

Ten 60-minute Private Lessons: $600

Pricing for 75-minute Private Classes:

One Private Class: $35 per person, minimum three people

Four Private Classes max 10 people class: $85 per class

Beginner pole class in Mankato, MN!

Interested in giving a Gift Card?

The gift of movement at Frestyl - pole dancing classes, private pole lessons, or a pole party - creates memories for a lifetime. Not to mention fun & laughter that'll have your recipient feeling oh-so-happy in his or her skin. 

Gift Cards can be purchased online, in person, or over the phone. Gift Cards can be printed and/or delivered to your recipient by email.

Follow these instructions for purchasing Gift Cards.

Gift cards are available in any amount.

Interested in competition and performance coaching?

Whether you're developing your dance toward performance goals, competing in pole sport, or just wanting to put together a flowy piece of aerial art, we've got you covered. We offer private pole lessons, 6 week Pole Fitness Composition series, and 6 week Custom Combos & Conditioning series to help hone performance skills and create graceful endurance. Pole Fitness Composition (PFC) and Custom Combos & Conditioning (CCC) series run quarterly in Rochester, Mankato, and Minneapolis. No experience is necessary for these special series, any student is welcome.

Performance Choreo Makover (150 minutes): $148

Private Lesson (60 minutes): $65

Ten pack private lessons (10x 60 minutes): $600

2015 Central Pole Championships in Chicago, Illinois!

Interested in checking out a studio event?

Come see our Student Showcases in July 2016 in Mankato, Minneapolis, and Rochester, MN! (Dates & times TBA)

 Grab a spot for $10 at the door or buy advance tickets for $8 by clicking the "Event Tickets" link here.

Frestyl Field Trips!!

Frestyl's much-anticipated field trips to Chicago, IL for the Central Pole Championships, Seattle, WA for the Northwest Aerial Art Championships, and Los Angeles, CA for U.S. National Pole Championships are a fun way to travel, enjoy the pole community, and learn about pole studios and even life beyond pole* in other cities. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to join in the next travel adventure -- funded by proceeds from R & R and student showcase events!

*Yes, there are things to do in life other than pole dance. Sometimes.

Want to learn up a sweat with sweet guest instructors like Abbey Freundshuh and Chloe Kayne?

Space in pro and guest instructor workshops is strictly limited. To reserve a spot, go to the "Special Classes" tab of our Online Signup link hereSemi-private lessons are $75/hour plus $25 per additional person. Arrange a private lesson by calling 507-351-7805.


Pole dance classes at less than the cost of happy hour. 

No dance or exercise experience necessary.

Walk-ins welcome, reservations are recommended.